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We provide honest service and a large inventory of national brand parts so our customers can have peace of mind in knowing we will handle their auto repairs safely and securely. We aim to meet or exceed all of our customers’ expectations for 100% customer satisfaction.

If you ever feel not satified, we welcome you to come back to review and solve any question or problem you may have

Why an Independent Shop

Based on the study from AutoBlog.com, here is a breakdown of what to expect when recieving a quote.

Independent Garage Quotes that were Lower than Dealer's


Dealer's Quotes that were Cheaper than Independent Garage Quotes


Quotes were Comparable


Andrew Latour

Owner/Prinicpal Technician

Andrew is a highly skilled mechanic with over 20 years of experience. Andrew was born and raised in Powassan Ontario and has had a passion for mechanics since a young age. He acquired his automotive mechanical license when he was 22. Over the years Andrew has assisted customers in all forms of vehicle. From large industrial equipment to assisting the manufacturing of mining vehicles to be used hundreds of feet underground. Andrew is also a Certified Toyota Hybrid technician equipping him with the skills for all hybrid vehicles today.